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Animal Care Center of Vernon, Inc.
8959 Hwy 18
Vernon, AL  35592

Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to Animal Care Center, our home, Vernon in Lamar County, Alabama, and our philosophy of practice and life.

I graduated from Auburn in 1976 and have been in mixed animal, rural practice ever since.  I have been blessed by a great God Who has blessed us richly, a wonderful, faithful wife and many, many loyal and grateful clients.  For this I am truly thankful!  The life that we have enjoyed has been a fine trip and it's not over yet, BUT, I would like to change gears for awhile.

After working myself into bad health in Tennessee, we bought this practice and moved to Vernon in May of 1988---to slow down!  The practice has grown steadily since that time.  We are able to do this because we have terrific employees, work essentially on a cash basis, we are available, and strive to provide excellent service to our clients and their animals

We live next door to the clinic and I prefer this to any other arrangement we have ever had.  It allows me to provide good patient care, reduces time when dealing with emergencies, and I get to walk to work every morning.  The people of Lamar County have been gracious in respecting our privacy and our need for family time, and it has been a fine arrangement. 

Because of living next to the practice, I have been able to take advantage of many teaching moments and time with our family that we would not have had otherwise.  All four of our children worked in the clinic, and our clientele delight in meeting the next generation of eight grandchildren when they come to visit.

We have raised our family of two boys and two girls here next to and in the clinic, where they developed a tremendous work ethic and appreciation for people of all walks of life.   They have all graduated from Auburn University and become productive citizens of our state-- we are thankful to all who have had a part in making that happen.

Rural veterinary practice has provided a wonderful life for our family and I recommend it highly.  It is not for everyone, but those who embrace it will be graciously rewarded!